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I’m running for Kane County Board Chairman

Prioritizing Fiscal Responsibility

Lower taxes without compromising essential services.

Enhancing Community Services

Quality improvements for all, every time.

Streamlining Government

Efficient, transparent, and accountable to you.

Meet Lance: A Husband, Father, and Faith-Driven Leader

I’m Lance, a husband, and a father, deeply committed to my faith in Christ. I’ve spent over a decade as the CEO of ServingIntel, where I lead a global team focused on hospitality technology. My role as CIO involves shaping our software roadmap and engineering efforts. Simultaneously, I serve as President of Christian Leadership Ministries, a nonprofit dedicated to supporting families and individuals worldwide. Recently, I took on the role of President at AJ’s Brands LLC, overseeing AJ’s Java Joint and AJ’s Keto Factory, where we’re on a mission to create wholesome, impact-driven food while spreading the message of Christ.

Leading Kane County Towards a Bright Future

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