About Me

About Lance Bell – A Leader Committed to Serving Kane County.

Hello, Kane County! I’m Lance Bell, and I’m aspiring to be your next County Chairman. My journey is defined by leadership, service, and a commitment to our community’s growth and well-being.

Why Lance Bell?


Author and Community Leader​

I penned “The Marriage You Do Not Deserve,” reflecting my dedication to strong family values. As President of Christian Leadership Ministries, I’ve been actively supporting families and individuals in need.


Entrepreneur with Purpose​
Leading AJ’s Brands LLC and ServingIntel, I combine business acumen with a heart for service. My focus? Healthy, community-driven initiatives and technological advancements.


Hospitality and Technology Expert

With decades in hospitality and technology, I understand the importance of innovation and customer service in building a thriving community.

Vision for Kane County:

Amazing Experience

Economic Growth: Leveraging my business and technology background to foster innovation and job creation. Community First: Ensuring decisions are made for the benefit of all residents, prioritizing health, wellness, and community welfare. Stronger Together: Building a united Kane County, where every voice is heard and every resident can thrive.

Vote Lance Bell – Leadership with Integrity, Vision with Heart.

Join me in shaping a brighter, more prosperous Kane County. Your vote for Lance Bell is a vote for dedicated leadership and a community-focused future.